Dance Program Classes

Dance Classes are on Summer Break until End of August or the Beginning of September. Our schedule will be updated by August 1st.

Ballet (ages 6+)

Ballet fundamentals will be taught through work at the ballet barre, center work, and across the floor combinations. Emphasis is placed on proper body alignment, technique, and ballet vocabulary.

Hip Hop(ages 6+)

A variety of hip hop styles will be covered in this fun, high-energy class.

ballet/hip-hop combo (ages 6-9 and 8-12)

Do both styles in one class! This combination class starts with classic beginner ballet training and ends with the upbeat, let-loose style of hip hop!

MUSICAL THEATER/jazz dance (ages 7-13)

Come dance to your favorite show-tunes, learn about musical theater performing, and fit right in on Broadway!

jazz (ages 8+)

A fun, energetic class that incorporates ballet as its base set to upbeat music.

Adult Salsa (ages 18+)

This is a drop-in class!! Come learn a fun, energetic style of Latin dance! Get moving, socialize, and have some fun dancing. This class will be paired with discounted Open Gym time in the gymnastics gym for kids.