Beginner Girls / Level 1...

The majority of our students begin at Level 1, unless they have had prior USAG gymnastics training. In this class, novice gymnasts learn the basics of all four Olympic events: the Balance Beam, Uneven Bars, Floor Routine, and the Vault.


Level 1 students are also divided into age categories: 4-5yrs, 6-7yrs, 8-11yrs. In order to advance to the next level,Tiny Team, students must acquire a set of outlined skills on each event. Level progression testing occurs every month.

Student skill focus:

Beam: front support mounts, candle sticks, coupe/releve walks, straight jumps


Bars: back pullover, back hipcircle, cast dismount


Floor: forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, coupe walks, handstands


Vault: hollow body position

Monday Classes:

Tuesday Classes:

Wednesday Classes:

Friday Classes:

Saturday Classes:

*We recommend attending two classes a week. We understand that there are often additional activities children attend, therefore we now have a "1-class a week" option which is helpful when students enter various sports seasons throughout the year. We hope this option will minimize complete breaks from gymnastics, while students are participating in other activities. Large breaks from practice have a negative effect on skill progression.